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Thread: BP question????

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    BP question????

    I went to the doctor this morning and told them that I was going back on cycle, and asked what to do about my blood pressure, well the b*tch said that although she could understand why I use AAS, she said she would advise not go back on since last time my bp went up to 150/90. What can I do to keep my bp lower on my next cycle?????

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    take all you ancillaries, milk thistle (for liver function) cranberry extract (for kidney function) Vitamin B-5 for (triglycerides) baby asparin daily for (blood thinning). Some guys have some other ideas I'm sure. Keep salt intake low and water intake high as well.

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    Supplement with garlic pills as well for BP.
    Docs usually won't give that kind of advice pre-cycle..they will just say there is no need in my experience. IMO, go to the doc if you have serious problems that can't be solved by advice given on this site.

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    First of all, a doc will never just give you the green light to take AAS. If something goes wrong, then you could say the doc sd it would be ok. Drink lots of water, take milk thistle, cranberry (maybe) and listen to your body.

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