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    3rd cycle critique

    I am currently putting together a 3rd cycle for myself about a month and half ago i do a test cyp 300 and deca 300 cycle using 300mg e4d.(i know i should of been running the test higher). I only took it for 4 weeks due to injury and a problem with ordering my gear. My first cycle was last year of test cyp 250 alone. I am currently considering taking
    • week 1-4 dbol at 25mg a day
    • week 1-12 sustanon 250 at 250 mg on mon and thurs
    i might consdiering throwing something else in there if there is nething else good you think i should feel free to tell me or if you think this is ok for a bulker. I have my clomid and proper pct all set

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    looks solid... only I wouldnt use sust, BUT if I had to use it I would shoot 150mg EOD... it might be hard and take extra time to measure out 150mg, but I think it would be worth it.

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