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Thread: cycle #2

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    cycle #2

    I completed myfirst cycle of test e and eq 4 months ago and now its time for # 2.After I stopped the test I broke out bad an my face for a good 3 1/2 months.I tried b6 and proactive but nothing worked.Does any experienced person have a suggestion for the next cycle that won't cause these same problems?also I don't have access to accutane

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    Test will do that sometimes -if you can get to a doctor to prescribe you something you might want to try BenzaClin. It is a topical lotion. Works great!

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    It's just your body crashing off of the AS and trying to kick in on it's own, not much can be done if you are prone. It may be possible to avoid this by tapering off but I want some other opinions. Fortunately I don't suffer from this so I have no first hand experience.

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    did you use nolva and clomid for PCT? I break out a little bit after my cycle, but showering twice a day and tanning once every couple weeks usually keeps it under control.

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