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Thread: Anti e choices

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    Anti e choices

    Im going to be going on a cycle in a month or so and im wondrin which anti e i should do. here is the breakdown
    w1-4 50mg dbol ed
    w1-4 70mg prop ed
    w1-14 600mg test e
    w1-12 500mg eq
    Proper pct
    I have a small lump under my right nipple it has steadily been declining in size. I have heard that letrozole can aid in removing this but i have also heard that it can stunt your gains due to the lack of estrogen present in your body. Im just wondering what to use anyt help would be appreciated

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    do a search on anti estogens you will find lots of theads

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    use nolva and pound it hard with it, the last thing I would be worried about is hindering gains, fix the potential manboob situation STAT!

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