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    Question EQ Dosage per ML?

    Ok, so I have my cycle, diet, and training planned out really well but I am curious about EQ and injections. I'll lay out my cycle again for more information:

    15% bf

    I've been working out regularly for a little over 6 years. My diet has been overhauled for 8 months now, I eat VERY clean now. Lift 4-5 days a week and cardio for 3.

    Here's what I've been thinking about. This is piece mealed together and I must admit another gentleman had a very similar plan, we kinda were thinking in parralel I guess.

    	EQ	Sust	Dbol	Clen	ECA	T3	Winstrol	Clomid
    Week1	250	500	35mg ED	X	3xED			
    Week2	250	500	35mg ED	X	3xED			
    Week3	250	500	35mg ED		3xED			
    Week4	250	500			3xED			
    Week5	250	500		X	3xED			
    Week6	250	500		X	3xED			
    Week7	250	500			3xED	X	50mg ED	
    Week8	250	500			3xED	X	50mg ED	
    Week9	250	500			3xED	X	50mg ED	
    Week10	250	500		X	3xED		50mg ED	
    Week11				X	3xED		50mg ED	
    Week12					3xED		50mg ED	
    Week13					3xED			          x
    Week14				X	3xED			          x
    Week15				X	3xED			          x
    0.5ml LiquidX ED throughout.
    I'm planning on doing the EQ (2.5ml's twice a week) mixed with the Sustanon , so 2 shot's a week each with 2.5ml's of EQ and 1ml of Sust for a total of 3.5ml's. The main question is that seems like a REALLY big shot to me, this is my first cycle so I could use some advice.

    The sources I know of only have 50mg/ml EQ. This is a real bummer as I would like to hit at least 400mg's a week of EQ but really don't want to do that many injections every week for my first cycle. If only I could find the higher concentrated EQ!

    Anyway, anyone have advice on sticking this? Maybe split it to 4 shots a week? That just sounds like a pain in the ass, bi's, legs, and every where else I'm going to have to rotate through.

    Also, any extra comments on the cycle in general are welcome and would be appreciated. I am taking Milk Thistle, ALA, Green Tea, Amino Fuel, Shackleys MultiVitamin 4x ED, and Glucosimine as supplements. My Carbs are at 200-250, protien is ~200 ED, and fat varies but is well in check.

    Thanks folks!


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    is this a cutting cycle or bulking????

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    this is what i suggested last time you posted this.

    3.5 ml is considered too much for one muscle. try not to go over 3ml. just adjust the injections accordingly. you will have to do more than two injections a week.

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    Cutting the BF down while packing on some lean mass. Also, when the T3 comes into play I would like to be on a cycle to prevent burning the muscle off as much as possible.

    Another thought is dumping the EQ and using the Fina I just got instead, saving the EQ for another day. Any thoughts on that one?


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    This looks more like a flat out bulk cycle to me.
    I say you decide on wether you wanna cut or bulk. You can't do both "effectivly". Also you'll be running D-bol and Winny in the same cycle, not a good idea.
    The Eq dosage is to low. And if you plan on using Eq in a cut cycle I hope you have alot of will-power becuz you'll wanna eat like a horse.
    From what I know, and what I've heard from the vets and people alot more knowlegeable then me: it's almost pointless to try and cut and bulk at the same time.
    I'd say you bulk first then cut.
    Bulk using the Sus,Eq and D-bol. Then cut w/ Finna,Winny,Clen & T-3. I think your results will be much better.


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