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    summer cycle help plz

    putting some ideas together for a summer cycle, what do you guys think.

    Test E 400mg or EQ 400mg for weeks 1-15
    Winnie 50 mgs EOD weeks 1-8
    tren /DMSO 100mg ED weeks 9-15

    I really want to run the winnie so i can put on some lean mass, and i figure the tren at the end would cut any left over fat. but i'm not sure wether to use test which will ad some bulk or EQ which will keep me leaner. I want to look like i'm juicing, i want people to know whats up....any ideas. I also want to stay in a budget and these are what i can afford

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    Vegas67 is offline Member
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    If you want to "look like yer juicin" definately do the test. EQ gives nice pumps but little mass IMO.

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    Enan and Tren would work well but I wouldn't go DMSO way.... JMO If you are not up for the ED injection with the tren A then use Tren E (2 to3 injections a week)

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    If you want people to know your juicing start off with 100mg of A50 for the first three weeks. Then people will know your up to something.

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    drop the test e and put in test prop at 50-75mg ED ...with prop u wont see as much bloat imo

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