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    UnNatty's cycle so far..

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    You might want to up the EQ a bit maybe 600mg a /wk...

    On the diet......... You need some carbs in there and more sources of good fats in each meal (sunflower oil, flax)....... I would also drop the chese and mayo it will keep you smooth.

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    I'm no diet expert but I would add another serving or two of a green vegtable. Apsaragus, Brussel Sprouts, or Spinach. Reason I say that is becuase your two slices of whole wheat bread, rice (white or brown?) and brocolli don't add up to much fiber.

    2*2 for the bread, maybe 3 for the brocolli and another 3 say for the rice is 10. Unless its one heck of a salad your getting less than 20grams per day, maybe even less than 15.

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