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    quick fina question!!!

    Finally got back from NYC and got my fina and kit in the mail...

    I followed the directions ( eventhough it would be nice if this site would post specific directions for the kits they sell ) and it all looks ok... came out to roughly 40ml of tren , then I added 10ml of test to the vial just to cut it a bit ( i hear it may help prevent fina cough )...

    question one
    I used a 4 gram kit, with 2 cartridges... how many MG per ML did I end up with?

    question two
    I have one peice of debris in the vial ( looks like a peice of pepper ) is that going to be a problem, I can probably draw it out with a syringe but am not really all that worried, just asking...

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    Ok you have 50ml of product and you used 4000mg of fina, in a perfect conversion you would have 80mg/ml, but when you use the pellets you lose some. I would say anywhere from 50-70mg/ml. For your other question, you could just filter it again.

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