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    New ripping cycle! PropFinaMastClenT3

    5'10'' 200lbs not sure on my BF%, but i got quite some fat to get rid of.

    Test Prop 100mg/ED
    Masteron 100mg/ED
    Fina 60mg/ED
    Clen 100mg/ED
    T3 100mg/ED
    + 2 Animal Pak Vitamin Supp

    the only reason why im doing everyday masteron injections is because my supplier sells a 200mg Prop + Masteron Mix. it checks out OK.

    I feel good. But my appetite has gone through the roof! Since beginning this cycle I'm obsessed with food. Not a good thing on a cutting cycle, even if you eat smart. Anyone know any good appetite suppressants?

    If anyone wants to critique or maybe suggest an addition, please do.

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    Looks good. The reason he did a test prop/masteron combo is because masteron has a prop ester more than likely. Drostanolone propinate is masteron. They also make an enanthate version.

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    cycle looks pretty good ... let me know how that turns out for you

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