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    What cycle is best for me?

    Stats: 6,0 long, 216pounds, bf:14%, have done a testo500mg+deca 400mg for 12weeks.
    I dident like how i looked during and after my first cycle, to mutch fat and water.
    Now i want to build mass and harden up, strenght is also welcomed.
    What cycle should be best for me?

    Week.1-6 Winstrol depot 50mg/eod (this is inject)
    Week.1-6 Trenbolone Acetate 75mg/eod.
    Week.1-6 Testo Propinate 100mg/eod.
    Week.1-6 Winstrol depot 50mg/eod (this is inject)
    Week.1-6 Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/eod.
    Week.1-3 30mg ed Dianabol .
    Week.1-10 EQ 400mg/pw
    Week.4-10 Winstrol 50mg/eod. (this is inject)
    Week.4-10 Testo Propinate 100mg eod.

    Or you could suggest a cycle for me, but i dont want anavar in the cycle.

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    Personally, I really don't like any of those.

    What about:

    wks 1-12:
    prop 100mg/ed

    wks 1-10:
    eq 400mg/ew

    wks 1-6:
    tren a 75mg/ed

    wks 7-12:
    winny 100mg ed

    I thinks that's using the gear you are tyring to use. Don't forget about anti-e's and pct as well. Close to a couple of the cycles you have listed.



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    It's pretty strange that this morning you were overdosing on insulin and having a seizure in the IGF, GH, and Insulin forum and now your out of the hospital already and asking for cycle advice.

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    I was going to give you advice until i read what you done in the GH/slin forum, not very cool. Grow UP.

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