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    Got 100 Dbol...anybody heard of any made in Belize?

    I did a big favor for guy and he gave me a bottle of Prop and 100 25mg Dbol . They are Blue and he said they are from Belize. I have been asking around and heard of mixed feelings on them. Some say they work great and others say they suck. I want to know if anybody has heard or seen any blue 25's from Belize? I'm debating on whether to keep them or not.

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    I was in Belize for 6 weeks diving and I did not see anything. However I was on a little island so it very well could be that there was nothing special there. Belize is the most advanced of the central american countries and their medical system is quite good so it is not based upon any fact, but I would not doubt if they make them and if they do make them they would have a very high chance of being good to go.

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    well I would say that costa rica is the most advanced country in ca but anyways. never heard of d-bols made in belize...

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