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    Need to know basis.

    Mixing B-12 with QV enanth??

    Can it be done to alleviate the pain? I am running qv for the first time and did my first shots last week and they were the most painful shots out of everything I have ever shot. I am thinking about mixing 1/2cc b-12 with every 2cc of enanth. Will this help? My ass feels like I have a baseball stuck in each cheek where I did my shots last week...................

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    cutting with b12 will lessen the ba sting but you need to rub the injection site right after ya shoot it wether it hurts or not

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    well I have been shooting 1cc of tren and 2ccs of b-12 ( the red watery kind from mexico ) last 2 shots were left and right pec....

    OUCH I am sore... lol.... might just be the mexican b-12 its pretty stout ****!

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    Canada Ehh...
    for me b-12 dosent work that well, but it does help.
    try cutting your cear with some sterile oil. that works for me

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    what does b12 do for? Is it a must when on test e? Does it matter if its taking as a pill or shot?

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