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    Argentina Anabolics! Weird Juice names, and test in a pill????Any Translators

    1) Methiltestosterona

    2) Nandralona fenil propionato (Orals 25mg)

    3) Testosterona propionato 50mg + Nandrolona 50mg (Oral 100mg) Deca and Prop pill????

    4) Triac

    5) Cilimarina (Protector Hepatico) Milk Thistle??

    6) Testosterona Proprionato (Oral 25mg) *Does Prop come in oral form?*

    7) Glutamine Sublingual (Injection or Cream???)

    8) Formula Hydroxycut Forte (doble concentration) Triac+ 40mcg clen (IN GERERIC PILL made by a reputable lab here.

    9) 100mg Efedrina + 500mg caffeina ( In one pill made by the same "Druggoria" ) That seems like a big of a stretch for the heart. What do you guys think...

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    1) methyltestosterone

    2) npp (nandralone phenylprop_

    3) test prop, nandralone, 100mg pill, never heard of..useless even if its real

    100mg ephedrine + 500mg caffeine in one pill? id agree thats a lot for the heart in one go


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    those are all pretty much garbage. No injectables, and nothing strong. You will kill your liver before you get any bigger. not worth it imo

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