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    Test Therapy Prescription, can I buy my own GEAR Legally?

    Guys, Had blood work done, my Test levels are way down!!!! My Dr. will talk to me about going on a TEST Therapy Treatment Program, I guess maybe HGH or maybe Test injections, anyway, he's really cool about it and I talk and get advice from him about my cycles, but what I want to know is can I head down to Mexico (or even order gear legally) and bring back gear legally if I have a prescription for Test Therapy?

    I'm looking for airfare right now!!!

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    no... they arent going to let you bring back steroids from mexico no way no how... the best mex steroids are in the veteranary pharmacies anyway...

    sorry to bust your bubble... but you would be wasting your money... besides illegal steroids work better than when they are legal anyway... LOL

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    you can get an RX and get it online, no need to go to Mexico. As far as cycles go , there is no such thing as a HRT cycle. It is maintenance dosing to keep them at normal (very low ) levels. You will not get an RX for a cycle, that is not legal, at least not a cycle for the likes of bodybuilding

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    Check the oasis link below your first post. THat is an HRT clinic.

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