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    Newbie/Geezer/Cycle advice

    6' 200#, lifting 20+ years. last cycle 1983. career choice of last 15+ years physically demanding & hard on body. request advice on "rejuvenation cycle" and future follow on cycles. body sore and broken down...just fine till 35 but things do change. looking to rejuvenate and rebuild this cycle. thanks. OPTIONS:enough gear for either
    600 mg wk test e + 400 deca for 10 ish weeks
    400/300 for 12 ish weeks
    300/200 for 2 x 8 weeks
    nolvadex 20/wk

    NOTE: nolva preemptively or as needed? nolva v letro?

    future plans:
    test + anavar for strength and maintenance. test E, P, C?

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    Id go with 2nd choice 400/300 for 12 ish weeks. The deca will be nice since it will help lube the joints. Also have you looked into HRT?

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