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    i think i might have a little gyno

    dont know about one month out from a test deca stack and my left pec appears to have a little bit of fat around the nipple while the rest is lean and tight. i have 3 days left of clomid and have lots of nolva on hand....should i take 60 or 80mg for a few days? thanks

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    TX, well, I ought to be an expert on gyno, (but I am not unfortunately). I am prone to gyno bad, (well the symptoms anyways). I have the same problems off season or when I am not doing gear. I started a test cycle not to long ago, and I go the "puffy" nipples, started taking 20mg of Nolv, and it worked like a miracle. My nips got firmer, and no more fat around them. Embarasses me when I am not taking Nolv. Nolv is an awesome thing, even though some say it hinders gains. Nolv works, for things such as yours. with as little as one pill a day. I normally take mine first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. That should be all you need, it takes about two days to a week before you will start noticing the difference, but long live Nolv.. I love it... just think when I did my first cycle many years ago, there was no such thing as Nolv... we just had to suffer.. Good luck.. just pop one a day, and it will solve all your problems

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