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    How come prop isn't tapered down when used as kickstart?

    Always wondered why people run a steady level of prop when using it as a kick start in conjuction with test e or c?

    When you start out at day one and do a shot of prop and test e for example the test e is not avalable as soon, but after say 2 weeks of test e shots some level is becoming available and slowly building up. Why then do you still shoot the same amount of test prop?

    I thought one of the goals were to keep levels as steady as possible to reduce sides? Wouldn't dropping the prop each week be more accurate for keeping a more steady level of test available

    Just a question I have always wondered?

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    I often wonder the same. Sides are never bad enough for me to bother calculating when and how much to taper it down...

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    your point is probably true... but whenever i kickstart with prop I only use 100mg EOD (350mg a week) with 500mg of test E a week. The flucuation between the weeks is so small and its for only 4 weeks the sides are minimal if any.

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