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    Confused about DNP. (DIET)

    Ok so some dnp users do a high carb diet while others a low carb one.
    I read on a site that the worst diets on dnp are fat diets (understood) and ketogenic diets (basically very low carb diets).
    Now if u eat carbs dnp burns it and wont allow it to be stored so why does it matter anyways if we do high or low carb since it's all gona be burned? and why would it matter if its simple or complex carbs?
    I made a ton of research on dnp and its all the same EXCEPT for the **** diet part!!
    Any info would be appreciated, thanks.


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    High carb diets don't work very well no matter what drugs you are using. When I run DNP (or any cutting drug for that matter), I use a pretty low carb diet with very high protein. On workout days I'll eat carbs only pwo and ppwo (80g of dextrose for pwo, and 40g of complex carbs for ppwo). On non workout days I'll only have 1 pro/carb meal with about 60g of carbs. I keep my protein at 2g per lb of bodyweight, and all my fats are EFAs. My total calorie intake is 800 kcals below maintanance.

    I reccomend a low dose DNP cycle whether you are experienced or not along with a perfect diet and 45min to 1hr of cardio 5-7 days per week. Also, keep your workouts intense, I don't lose strength on 200mg of DNP even after a month and 30 less pounds of bodyweight.

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    Thanks for the reply bro u've been very helpful!

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