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    Ephedrine before or after cardio?

    I just started taking an ECA stack yesterday.

    Its been suggested that ephedrine be taken after cardio, rather than before. Is this because of heart issues?

    Although you will disagree, I do my cardio first, then workout (all within the same 2 hours). Sorry, but my day does not allow me to do it any other way starting now and then throughout the summer.

    Anywho, I don't do cardio on an empty stomach now simply due to the fact that I want something in me when lifting.

    Should I pop the ephedrine say 1/2 way through cardio? Reason being, Ive heard ephedrine will help with energy to lift

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    Before cardio

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    Unless you have heart or Blood Pressure issues, you could do it about an hour before working out, half an hour before eating... That's what works best for me... When i eat that bowl of oats half hour after taking ECA, it makes me wired as hell.... Fun to do cardio after that...

    Take reasonable doses tho, no more than 25mg eph/250mg caffeine

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    yeah i use it like 1 hour to hour and half there anything you can take with eph to stop the spoilt appetite ?

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