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Thread: Bextra Alert

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    Bextra Alert

    Stop Taking Bextra 20mg. The Fda Has Pulled It.

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    The FDA is being a bunch of sissies lately. For years they took a stance that basically said "the drug companies will do what's right." Now ever since the Vioxx recall, they have completely freaked out. I've seen more recalls in the past 6 months than i've seen in the past 6 years. Personally i think its too much too late. I've seen the data, its not bad (rr 1.05, barely reaching significance); to be perfectly honest i've seen the data on the two new cox-2's coming out also and if anything they are worse than bextra and vioxx.

    I've seen the Vioxx data too. I will say, they had good data for that stuff. I wouldnt take it.

    In all seriousness, these things were compared to naproxen (alieve) in clinical trials to prove equivelent efficacy, and they barely proved it. In my opinion there are better NSAIDS than naproxen. Another interesting fact is that after 6 months the relative risk of GI ulceration for regular NSAIDS and the COX-2's was equal.....

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