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    Is there a type of blocker for deca and etc?..

    Hi there im new on the forum, im pretty sure alot of people probably already asked this ? I took Decca and Sustanon , around january.. And im pretty sure decca is still in right?,, cause it stays in ur body for like 18 months, thats wat im hearing.. Im playing D2 football in aug,, and im just kinda scared if they test me.. But i believe the testings are random.... So just wondering if there is any way aruond it.. If decca is definelty still in my system,, i mind as well go on somthign else,, that doesnt stay in my body as long.. So if you guys can help me in this reply it would be very helpful.. THank you

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    Definately start using something different that doesn't stay in your body very long.

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