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    Question about Sex drive Gain/loss?

    Im going to use 50 Mg of Anapolon a day, along with 250-500Mg of EQ a week. Ive never done eathier of these before so im not sure about the lose of sex drive with them, Im done a few stacks before without any problems. To be honest they have always turned me into a walking sex machine. And above all my sex drive is the most important. So any thoughts about the loss or gain in sex drive on Anapolon and EQ would be great thanks!

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    its usually when you come off that you lose sexual desire...but you can use clomid and hcg to jack your test levels back up....with the eq and anapolan i would throw some test in if you can

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    Sex drive is very individual on AAS and very hard to predict for anyone. Make sure your careful of your RBC count on that cycle.

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    I'd just play it safe and run some test with it. Test will give you some of the best gains anyway, so why not use it?

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    Agreed, get some test cyp or e and only run the drol(a-bombs) for only about 4 weeks, the eq and test run for at least 12 weeks for the best benifit. Run test about one week longer. Also you say 250-500 per week... Make it a strait 400mg per week with 500mg per week of test. You will be very happy, get your pct in order and have nolva on hand.

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