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Thread: bloating???

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    in my past cycles, i have always bloated heaps. a friend of mine told me to drink more water. i now drink 5 ltrs of water a day as a pose to 3, piss like ten times a day, but my bloating is minimal. anyone ever heard of this? oh, and im using the same type of tests, but with more power

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    Run some L-dex or nolva along side the test and you will see the bloat go down a bit.

    As for the water...yes I have heard of it but you should be drinking about a gallon a day anyway.

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    Paradoxically, drinking more water can reduce bloat. You are flushing out electolytes, which help you to hold water. Of course, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. If E levels get too low, you are in a world of trouble. Keep your salts replenished in a reasonable and responsible way, and drink moderate amounts of water... maybe two gallons a day. Easy on the diuretics. Use nolva to control bloat.

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