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    Test & Winny Question

    Hey bro's i just started my winny in my cycle and was making sure it was cool to mix my test prop and winny in the same syringe? Thats all I need this time. Thanks

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    I would not mix oil with water base. Some people say yes but I think it's better to keep seperate.

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    You can mix them. I prefer to shoot them seperate but whatever works for you...

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    if you dont wanna jab it drink it!

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    I don't mix them but many folks do. I prefer to simply drink the winny.

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    ".... realise BA is hydrophillic. You mix em around [oil and water] and youre sucking the BA out of the oil. This may or may not be fine. If you suck too much out, you could get some crystallization in your muscle after you inject...this is terrible pain, most are ok though. Id be more leary with prop, TNE, and winny though." - Billy Bathgate

    This is exactly why I would not do it. I have had this happen to me with winny and prop. It is a terrible pain and I am not sensitive to pain. Winny nor prop, ever bother me on their own, but when I tried to mix them, it was very painful. Just drink the winny. Ok malaka (or are you a frat boy, and not a real greek boy?)
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