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    LDL & Test E Question

    OK ..

    So .. from my last post I've now changed my cycle to ...

    wk 1-2 250mg Test E ( I know I shouldn't have done that, but too late ... I'm on week 4 now )
    wk 3-12 500mg Test E

    Nolva / Clomid PCT 14 days after last shot.

    Now ... recently mf gf has been on my back to think about stoping because of the chance of it raising my cholesterol LDL levels and causing heart problems.

    My doctor is aware that I'm on the gear and is doing liver toxicity tests and cholesterol profiles for me next week, what I want to know as I can't seem to find the info anywhere ... is:

    Is this something that happens with Test E, or more likely some of the harder more toxic gear.

    I'm not too worried myself or I wouldn't be on it ... but i just want to give her some peace of mind.


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    Test alone won't hurt your liver. The main thing that hurts your cholesterol values is your AI, primarily letro and a-dex. If you're worried use exemestane instead and nolva.

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