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    cell voluminzation vs. water retention???

    I understand when you take an anabolic steroid such as anadrol or dballs for example someone will gain a lot of weight due to water retention...water retention being outside of the muscle...when someone were to use creatine or other supplements that speak about cell voluminzation it refers to water actaully within the muscle making the actual muscle bigger.

    I understand the benefits of having water in the muscle since this will allow more room for muscle growth and other things....

    but with water retention what are the benefits of putting on all that weight of water outside the muscle...???

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    no benefit thats one of the sides but you can take nolvadex or arimadex and keep the water retention to a minumum

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    This is cause by a sodium: potassium imbalance. Increase intake of water...gallon or more a day in order to flush out excess sodium. Bananas are a good source of potassium.

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