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    Question Post Cycle Treatment


    I will be getting off 12 week (400 mg Deca and 500 mg Sustanon a week). When should i start post cycle treatment including Clomid and HCG . I have heard so many different theories. Some sources suggesting to wait about 2 weeks form lost shot of Sustanon and others say to start right after. What are your thoughts?

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    start PCT 18 days after last sus injection

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    18 days is the halflife, why not start then? also, deca is 21 days you did stop it a week or two in advance correct? When I say start that would be clomid 18-21 days after last inject. Now you can run hcg like 2000iu every four days for 5 shots starting the last week of your injections, or 1000iu ed for ten days after your last shot and make sure you are taking 20-40mg of nolva during this time.

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    j/k but you really should have..

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