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Thread: Blood Bad??

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    Question Blood Bad??

    Hello again, I had a quick question I have finished my second injection of my life, and I was curious, when I aspirate my the needle in my leg I get somethin that looks like air bubbles, which I am not sure if that is good or not, but it isnt blood which is was I was warned to avoid; however, when I remover the needle, my legs bleeds, not for long, but blood does appear, I was wondering I am doing anything wrong, or if all is good??

    Thanks for the help

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    nothin wrong with that mate usual stuff.

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    You're perfectly fine. You should bleed just a little bit. Heck, you just poked a hole in yourself.

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    bubbles are good. they let you know that you aren't in a vein and most likely are in muscle. The blood is common after an injection, so long as it's not in the syringe when you aspirate you're fine.

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    As long as there is no blood when you aspirate you will be fine.

    When aspirating you should see nothing but tiny air bubbles, if you see blood you've hit a vein.

    If you see blood when aspirating just pull the needle out of yourself, swap the needle on the syringe for a new one, and inject the AS and blood into a different site.

    Like "Scrub" said you've just poked a hole into your skin.

    There will be a small amount of bleeding when you remove the needle but that is perfectly normal.

    Just make sure there's none when you aspirate.

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