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    Messed up my first cycle, need advice...

    Well first off, this is my first post so please try to be easy on me... Earlier this year I did my first cycle. It consisted of 400mg test and 300mg Deca a week. The cycle was originally planned to last 10 weeks but i found myself neglecting my cycle. For thie first four weeks, i hit it balls to the wall. But towards the end i tapered off, I would miss scheduled shots, not eat clean, etc... Even after all of this, I still noticed what i thought to be significant gains (20 pounds+)

    Now I'm ready to give it another try. School will be out so I will be able to dedicate a lot more time/effort into this second cycle. And plus I have a training partner (my roommate) that will be doing the exact same cycle with me, so i think this will greatly increase my motivation. I would just like to ask some of you more knowledgable folks for your input/opinion of this cycle.

    Here's what the plans are as of right now:

    Weeks 1-10: Test 400mg EW
    Weeks 1-10: Deca 300mg EW
    Weeks 1-4: D-bol 30mg ED
    Weeks 1-10: B-6 200mg ED
    Weeks 1-10: B-12 500 mcg ED
    Weeks 1-10: Nolva 10mg ED

    After week 10, take 2 weeks off and begin PCT with clomid

    Can you guys think of anything else that would be beneficial? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance- Jangles

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    looks good man. by the way, what kind of test r u running?
    u can also run nolva through your pct as well.

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