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    Talking Cycle critique to make sure everything is 100%

    Can u critique this 1st proposed 1st cycle:

    8 Week cycle

    Weeks 1-4 Dbol (25mg ed) or Turnabol (40mg ed)

    [B]Weeks 1-8 [B]- Test E @ 250mg every 5 days
    - Nolva @ 20mg ed

    Weeks 8-10 – Nolva @ 20mg ed

    PCT - 14days after last shot

    Day 1 - 60mg novla, 150mg clomid
    Day 2-11 - 40mg novla, 100mg clomid
    Day 12-21 - 20mg novla, 50mg clomid

    Days 1-14 Clen

    [U]Questions [U]

    1.) Weeks 1-4. What should I use as a kickstart…the dbol or tbol? (worried bout the sides on dbol)

    2.) Is the anti-e nolva @ 20mg sufficient to prevent gyno? I am running it throughout as do not want a single chance of it occurring! Also nolva is liver toxic so is it ok running it throughout?

    Other alternatives are Proviron or Arimidex but then ther is a cost issue

    3.) Weeks 8-10 (between last shot and pct) should u run nolva here?

    4.) PCT doses ok?

    5.) What is the best brand/make of test E? (i.e. most painless). Iranian Aburaihan any good...heard it is 1 of the best? Also it comes in amps but is it not better to have vials just for ease of use etc?

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    1) dboll
    2) yes
    3) 10 week's
    4) yes
    5) yes it is good i used it on my last cycle

    also i would run the test 250mg every 3.5 day's

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    Some of my biggest gains 1st cycle were between weeks 8-10. Your cycle is too short imo.

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    yeah u should bump it up to atleast 10 weeks

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    go at least 10 weeks with enanthate , if you only want to run a 8 week cycle then go with prop.

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    yes 10wks at least with longer actin test.

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    the only way i would run the test 10 weeks is if you up the does to 500mg. if your going to run the 250 ever 5 days i would run it 12 to 14 weeks. nolv ed at 20mg is a little high you can drop it to 10mg day with the test and keep it the same for pct. also woth the real low dose of d-bol you would be better to run the t-bol at the 40mg

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    i would not run test that low i'd run it at a min of 500mg per week 1e 250mg every 3.5 days

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    Run atleast 10-12weeks test e didnt kick in until almost my 5th week! good luck jmo

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