Im sick a dog from my homemade fina, which I am sure I made nearly perfect, and this is the cycle that I just started, and I hope it doesn’t get fucked up from this bullshit flu. This is as detailed as I can make it, I like to write everything down so that there is a less chance of F*in something up during the cycle. Tell me what you guys think.

Started April 6th and everything including the clomid should be done right around the 20th of july.

1-3 Prop @ 100mg/eod (to get a jump start)
1-9 EQ @ 400mg/wk
1-8 Enanthate @ 250mg/wk
9-10 Prop @ 100mg/eod (so im sure when to start clomid)
9-11 Winny @ 100mg/eod (for a little more edge)
3-15 Liquidex @.25mg/eod (im not taking too much test or estro causing AS so i dont feel i will need any more then this dose)
12-14 Clomid @150mg/eod

Considering a little HCG at the end of the cycle, with the clomid. also considering low dosages of cytomel during the cycle and low dosages of clen after the cycle, for faster protein metabolism, not really fat loss.

after all of that, it will be around JULY 20, and i was wondering how bad it would be for me to start a low dosage cycle of deca /test/winny so that im not crashing during football season.