Ok.. heres the lay out..

i was 218 18.3% body fat. I did a fina / prop / winny cycle for a total of 12 weeks.. finished that a little over 3 months ago.. after i was 234 17.9% body fay. definitely gained alot of muscle, looked hard, well harder then i was and started getting vascular. then i went on PCT with clen and cut my diet and added 6 day a week cardio routine to my normal 6 day week workout plan.. now in 30 days, i went down to 208 and 13.2% body fat.. now im pretty much leveled off in that area.. i have laid out and on hand my next cycle.. im just curious, im probably gonna back off cardio to like 3 days a week for an hour a morning.. possibly 4.. and run about a 3000 calorie a day diet wit 350g protein / 200g carb / ~50-75g fat. not sure if this sounds bad, so any advise would be much appreciated. just curious how you think my fat count will go down.

Masteron towards the end of the cycle if i break into single digit BF%.