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Thread: Night Sweats

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    Night Sweats

    Seems every night after a injection (twice a week) I wake up a coupla times sweating so bad it's sickening. I litterally had a puddle of sweat building up on my chest this morning.

    Is this normal? Seems to have been getting worse these last coupla weeks. I am entering wk 7 of SUST500, DECA400...(Dbol for first 5 weeks also).


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    BE_STRONG is offline Senior Member
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    Jan 2002
    I do the samething! Most of the time, mine is worse if I run at night vs. the morning!! My wife loves to wash sheets everyday!

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    TOM2502002 is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2002
    I hear ya, fria is having me sweat so bad at night I think I just took a shower in my sleep. I dont know what causes it but its part of the game..

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    G-S Guest
    Part of the game that sucks. Along with shot pain, SUST Flu, etc...etc...

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