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Thread: HCG Question

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    HCG Question

    I am getting ready to start my 12th week, and want to through in some HCG . My question is how often do I shoot it, and how much? Some say between 250-500 iu every Sat and Sun. If this is true, why would you run it back to back days. I don't want my estrogen level to get messed up in the process. Can someone help a brotha out.

    Here is what I am running:

    1-24 Test Enanthate 750mg wk
    1-24 EQ 600mg wk
    7-16 Tren Acetate 100mg ED
    24-26 Test Propionate 100mg EOD

    26-30 Start Clomid tharaph 3 days after last shot 100mg ED

    Current stats

    6'0 230lbs 12%BF

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    Here's a similar thread with my answer in it:

    HCG help?

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