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    Cool 2nd Cycle, Please give advice, indepth stats

    whats up bro's?
    Here my stats
    24 yrs old
    been lifting since 16 but heavy for 4 years now
    195lbs with 6.8% BF
    max bench 320
    I work out squat with 405
    leg press I work out with 800
    goals is to gain about 5-12 lean lbs

    wk 1-4 Tbol-50mg ED
    wk 1-10 200 mg Deca
    wk 1-12 500 mg Primo

    I know that the deca is low but it makes my joints feel so good!!
    I would like to change the deca to Test E but i've never tried a test and I had acn e when I was young....had to get on acuetanne. Do u think running Test E at 250 instead of deca would give me a case a acne??

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    I would never suggest a cycle without test. I would definitely suggest running a test cycle and see how you react to it. Just because you had acne when you were younger doesn't mean that you will get it from test. Everyone reacts differently.

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