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    EQ or oralT to finish cycle?

    Gonna run prop 12 weeks at 75mg per day. Not the most bulkiest of cycles, but its my first bulker so im sort of breaking myself in with it..

    Whats better... last 4 weeks with Oralturinabol at 50mg per day, or eq? if you say eq then how many of the weeks and what dosage.

    Had great results with oralT alone as first cycle ever, thats why its my other option.

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    why not make it easier on yourself with a long estered test???

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    If you are going to go with EQ then you need to start it the same time as you start the prop since it takes a while to kick in. Usually the minimum is 12 weeks at 400mg/wk for EQ. I wouldn't go less than 400mg/wk though because it will be a watse IMO. Why don't you just add OT the last 5-6 weeks at 40-60mg/wk. Would definitely harden you up.

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    end it with 4 weeks of tbol

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