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    Is 2 months off between cycles enough

    Hi, I got off my 12 week cycle of 500mg/week Test E 2 weeks ago, and was planning to start another 12-16 week cycle, this time with 600MG Test E and either 400MG EQ or 400MG Tren E/week, on July 15th, since that's when my Summer Break from college starts.
    I'm kinda worried that that's not enough time for my Body and particularly my nuts to totally recover. Besides that I also wanna be able to tell people that I didnt do roids and have them believe me, if I gain 30 lbs of muscle in one year that's kinda hard to believe for anyone, What do you guys think?

    thanks in advance

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    This advice has been posted 10,976,213 times...

    Time on = time off.

    Two months does not equal 12 weeks.

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    time on = time off, but if you wanna know if you can start sooner then you have to get some bloodwork done to see if you fullly recovered.


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    make sure you run a pct if you haven't already. the sooner you recover and have bloodwork done to make sure everything good the sooner you can go back on. i've always taken only 8-10 weeks off between cycles but i'm doing a 6 month rest right now.

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    Good advice

    Time on cycle = time off cycle

    To be safe
    Time on cycle x2 = time off cycle

    To be safe and sensible
    Get some blood work done
    it's the best way bro

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    Time on=time off is the standard. I would wait 2 months then get bloodwork done and see where you are at. If it looks good you are good to go, if not wait.

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    I usually 1 1/2 times I was on per off.

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    If your test levels, and everything else, are back to baseline I'd say you are good to go. However, it depends on your goals, etc. You can't do this casually, take the proper precautions.

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    Everyone is different. Time on dosn't equal time off. Bloodwork before compared to bloodwork after will tell you when you can go on again - don't know why people don't preach that more. Bloodwork should be mandatory just like PCT.....

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