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Thread: Cycle Check

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    Cycle Check

    im planning on antoher cycle right away.
    Test E 600mg 1-10 week
    Eq 600 mg 1-10 week

    My question is this.... I have the option of either parabolin or trenabol.
    Im thinking of running trenabol from weeks 6-10 at 75 mg ED.
    For someone who had never dun tren , do you think that 75 mg Ed is sufficent for 4 weeks? and what is the correct dose of parabolin. I know it needs to be injected twice a week but at what dose and how long.

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    I would run the eq for at least 12 weeks and the test e a week longer. Tren ace at 75mg ed seems good but aim for 6 weeks. Parabolan dosages as I've heard should be runned at 3-400mg ew probably for 10 weeks.

    I'll bump it for more replies.

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