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    I need a cutting cycle

    I am almost done with this cycle of mine, and I want to do a cutting cycle as soon as possibe. I need a killer cutting cycle. I am on week 9 of this right now. Thanks.

    Wk 1 300mg.Deca /Wk - 45mg D-bol/day
    Wk 2 300mg.Deca/Wk - 45mg D-bol/day
    Wk 3 300mg.Deca/Wk - 45mg D-bol/day
    Wk 4 450mg.Deca/Wk - 400mg.T400/Wk - 45mg.D-bol/day
    Wk 5 450mg.Deca/Wk - 400mg.T400/Wk - 45mg.D-bol/day
    Wk 6-14 600mg.Deca/Wk - 800mg.T400/Wk

    Wk 17 Will be Clomid

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    Bro, you are doing 14 week cycle. My suggestion is that you take plenty of time off or gaining will be harder in the future (not to mention the health risks). After resting complete off from the juice for at leat 3 month you can do a cycle like this.

    1 to 11 weeks prop 100mg ed
    1 to 8 weeks eq 600mg
    4 to 11 weeks fina 75mg ed
    4 to 11 winny 50mg ed
    Start clomid 2 days after last dose of anything.

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