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    how exactly do you go about getting ur blood work done???

    i mean what do i do just go to the doc and say id like to have my blood tested and for what? i mean wont he know that im doing steroids whats the point of having ur blood tested exactly im not sure please fill me in

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    you have to have it checked or you should see if your recovering correctly and if anything is wrong wit you.

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    it prolly doesnt matter to you if the doc would know... But I imagine you can just go there and ask that you want your bloodwork done.. you can either think of some BS story why you want that or I would assume that at least in private sector (dunno what the system is in usa though) u can just go there and ask for the blood work..

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    i did just that last week, made a appointment (ive told my doctor already that ive used anabolics) and said i just finished my cycle and i want to make sure im ok. simple as that. doctors dont get paid by not doing that sorta stuff for you.

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