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Thread: sust cycle

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    May 2005

    sust cycle

    How long should a sust/winny cycle be run for if looking to put on 20lbs and how many times a week (at what doses)

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    nomore1324 is offline Associate Member
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    May 2005
    im sorry mate a cycle does not work like that i cant just say 10 weeks @ 500mg sust a week and 50mg winni everyday and you will gain twenty. If you really want to gain twenty pounds i think you should do a sustanon , deca , dbol cycle. if you want me to write it up for you pm me, sust and winni will not put on twenty.

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    insanepump621 is offline Member
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    if you are bulking why are you running winny? and sust imo shud be run for at least 10-12 weeks and to make use of the prop the sust shud be shot eod... I cant tell you your doses until you let us know your cycle exp. stats etc.

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