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    what are ur guys' opinions on omnadren and/or sus250? i really wanna use one of these two for my first cycle (i already have some var), but i keep hearing about people developing the "steroid fever" off of at least the sus250... Id really like to input one of these two into my first cycle because of the few injections and decently safe characteristics... any input guys?

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    if you want fewer injections you'd be better off going with test enanthate or cypionate . 1-2x week is optimal with these, but not so with sust as it has components that die out in 1 day.
    Also 10ml vials of test are MUCH cheaper than sust amps. You can pretty much do 2cc or more of test for the same price of 1cc sust.

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    tried the omnadren a few years ago liked it at first but after about 6weeks i had the worst acne ive ever had from the gear, accutane cleared it right up but its another expense. If you have to choose btwn Omn and Sus it would be Sus for me, didnt hold as much water with Sus at 750mg/week as i did with 500mg/week of the Omn. Id say you were right in only choosing a low frequncy of injection for your fisrt time just be calm and confident dude and you'll be fine. As for other components of your cyle what were you thinking? Some guys are guna shoot this down but putting 1ml of Primo 100mg in with the 1ml Sus250 (same syringe) would harden up those gains.if you are prepared to inject more frequently then do it on a different day, preferably 2-4 ml of primo/week with the 2ml Sus250/week. Hope this helps.

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    i really like sus but it needs to be shot eod.


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    I'm running 500mg Omnadren per week, with 300mg deca . I had some reactions four the first 4 weeks. Nothing major. Alittle acne on back at week 3-4. Tanning bed fixed that. Also, I was getting a slight fever about 8 hours after hitting. It got easier and better every week. It was never bad enough to miss a work out. I am on week 7-8 now. I love the stuff.

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    Blended products like S250 and Omnadren (and you can include Andropen , etc...) don't really impress're paying more, and not really getting more.

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    For a first cycle and this is just my opinion on it, as I've used
    sustanon and omnadren and liked both, but perfer single esters...

    A single ester test is a better choice because it's easier to keep
    your blood hormone levels stable and also there's no need to do
    EOD injections thoughtout your first cycle like you really should
    do with sustanon or omnadren because of the shorter acting esters...

    Personally I'd save doing the EOD or ED injections until later on when
    you're more experienced and have better technique for doing your
    injections as well... With a longer ester test enanthate or cypionate
    the most you'll need is 2x injections per week... With cypionate you
    could even get away with once per week... With enanthate every
    4-5 days... Unless you like the idea of doing EOD injections for your
    first cycle...

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