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    Rebottle jug of Test.?


    Have just come into possession of my first evah' IP jug of Test. Cyp. courtesy of my friendly neighborhood crack dealer.


    Must I rebottle the 50 ml. into five 10 ml. vials, or can I just treat the jug like it's one big multi-dose vial... on steroids ?

    The solution is nice and clean. Should it be filtered anyhow?

    (I'm also the new proud father of 200 halotest sublinguals. Never used sublinguals or jug products before, so 'Brave new world' and all that...)

    I'll be using 20G needles, so probably won't chew up the rubber stopper too much, as noted in The Barron's post elsewhere.

    Cheers, mates.


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    IP is hit or miss depending who you ask. I would use the jug as is, after I lab tested that IP stuff. Hopefully your crack dealer didn't water it down.

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    Yes, I've done a 'thread search' on IP and the only thing everyone agrees on is that they don't agree on anything.

    Being a little guy down in the trenches, as it were, sometimes means you have to use whatever is available, no matter how questionable or... unsavory?, the source.

    It's like going to get a bank loan; the only people the bank wants to give money to are the ones who already have it.

    (Actually, this guy is pretty cool, so not too worried.)

    Testing the few things I've come accross sounds great, but how practical would it be for such small stashes? I'd love to be one of these homebrewers with the attic stuffed with shit, but for now I'm just a small time, full-markup, end-user who's happy to have some.



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