I am on a dbol cycle I am in dier need of loosing my gut. I was htinking about taking some stacker2 or xenadrine. I know its cheating but i wanna get this fat off me. 1. can anyone give any suggestions to which one is better. and 2. is it safe for me right now while on dbol?.

Oh one more question

I was shruging with starps yest. (dumbells.) I am shruging alot more with the starps and dbol. Usually i used to do like 60 or 65 no more. With the straps i was up to 85. Well what i wanted to ask you guys is that when i was shugging the 75 and up i felt this pinching in my spine. all the way up where the neck is. It was like someone was poking me with a needle in the baclk of my neck. Does anyone know anything about this?? Thanks

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