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    Talking letro reversed gyno!

    i was currently on a cycle of 1 gram prop,700 tren ace,700npp,400 eq,350mg winni/wk.

    now i have switched the prop to sust @ 1500mg/wk and dropped the rest of the gear.

    here's how it around week 9 of the cycle (now on week 16) i noticed itchy nips , so i upped the l-dex from .5mg/day to 1mg/day the itchyness went away for the time being and then within a week my nips became sore and i developed 2 pea sized lumps under each nipple. at this point the pain was so bad i couldn't even hug my girlfriend. i asked for advice from a couple of boards and they said to take nolva @ 80mg/day until the symptoms subside. so anyways i order some nolva and take it for 2 weeks @ 100mg/day and NOTHING ! i couldn't believe it , so at this point i figure i might as well get surgery,but as a last resort i should give letro a try.

    at this point i have just enough gear to run my cycle for around 16 weeks (now in week 12) so i have about 4 weeks left.

    i decide to get the letro and do a little research on it. i read and come to find out it can take up to 6 weeks for it to start working!

    at this point i don't know what to do since i only have 4 weeks left of my cycle.

    when i asked the guys on the boards for help they told me i should start the letro @2.5 mg/day and taper down up to pct and end my cycle.

    well, this didn't make much sense to me because what if the letro does nothing bcause of such a short period of time in the blood and then my cycle is finished and i have to do pct with the lumps still there.

    this is what i decided to do instead...i decided to take a chance and get some more test and keep running it with the letro until either the lumps shrink or the symptoms subside.

    here are my results :

    i am currently on week 16 of 1500mg/wk test cycle and on letro @1.25mg/day(letro started working at around 5 or 6 weeks in my 7th week now of it)

    the lump in my right nip has totally dissapeared and the lump in the left one has gotten flat and is diminishing away.

    all my bloat is gone from the sust.

    my sex drive is normal because of the high dose of test i believe.

    so to make a long story short everyone is different and it's not always good to take other peoples advice even if they are a well respected member.

    the reason being is because if i had took most of everyones advice i would have ended my cycle with some lumpy @ss boobs.

    instead i went with my instinct and everything is working out so far

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    Glad to here everything worked out well. I thought that if you were taking that high of a dose of test you should have been using letro anyway.

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    Glad to hear it worke dout bro! thanks for sharing. 1500 mg/week test. your a stud dude... can I ask what kind of gains you made with that? I am doing 750mg/week... that is very inspiriring.

    sharing stuff like that is how people learn! thanks bro!

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    where did you get the letro..*** LION..etc

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