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    Talking Please Critique My First Cycle!

    Alright, i forgot the idea of a oral only cycle, and came up with this - please critique it . . .

    6 weeks of a pyramid d-bol with a 2 week kickstart

    8 weeks of deca , 1.5 CC every monday

    simultaneous with -

    8 weeks of Test 1 CC every monday, wendsday friday

    alright, any advice gentlemen? and how do i factor in milk thistle and nolvadex to this?

    thanks a lot guys, ihope u like this better then my previous idea of a oral only cycle haha

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    that is not enough info for us to understand your cycle .. we dont know what mgs, type of test...from the loox of it, you got some major holes in your cycle up a more detailed version of your post and..we'll start to critique.

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    keep your first cycle simple, 1-12 500mg/wk of test e with proper PCT two weeks after last shot of test. Save the deca for another cycle. By putting too many compounds in your first cycle and you get sides, you wont know what compound is causing it. You can do 30mg of dbol for the first four weeks if you want too, but test only would probably be better for you. Dont pyramid anything, it causes fluctuations in blood levels, thus increasing chances of side effects. Also think in terms of mg/wk not cc's. because all gear has different concentrations. Also what are you stats? It appears on your profile that youre only 19. If thats the case you should probably hold off from the gear and work on gaining naturally. Diet is everything when it comes to getting and keeping gains from steroids . Without a very good diet you wont gain much and will lose it all when you come off.

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    yeah what hella said. we need all the info. but to start out u should run test atleast 10-12 weeks and atleast a week longer then deca

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    also if this is your first cycle and you are running cyp. or enth. than you only need 500mg/wk. thar's only 2cc's a week.

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