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    what you all think plzzzzz

    i am 21 have been training for almost 5 years am 5"11 and 180lbs. this is my 1st cycle what do you all think????? i would like to bulk up and put on about 20-30lbs will it be possible to maintain most of this?

    Week 1-4: Dianabol – 30mg daily
    Week 1-10: Test Depot – 600mg weekly
    Week 9-11: HCG - 1000iu weekly
    Week 10-12: Clomid – 50mg daily
    Novladex will be kept just incase.

    what you all think??? is this an ok cycle?

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    20-30lbs is a lot bro. be happy if you gain 10 solid pounds. 10lbs of muscle is a shitload, doesnt sound like much but its a great deal. i dont think you will need to HCG . your only running it for 2 weeks that is not long enough for that. just run the normal PCT with clomid and nolva. and run the PCT like this 300mg 1st day 100mg for 2 weeks then 50mg for 2 weeks.

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    1st off is that test e?if so then start your pct 14 days after the last shot of test,i would as well extend it to 12weeks,dont bother with the hcg the cycle aint long enuff to use that,clomid therapy should be as follows
    day 1 300mg
    day 2-7 100mg
    day 8-21 50mg
    start nolva at 20mg from the last test shot all the way through pct and for a week after.job done!
    again that is test e yes?as other test such as sus and cyp pct start times are 18 days after last shot!

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