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Thread: Sydgroup Wini

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    Question Sydgroup Wini

    trying to push wini (Sydgroup 100mg) threw a 22g needle in either quad or glute and when I asperate fine but when pushing the plunger it stop and I will use pretty hard presure to where the wini would come out the needle tip. to check if its clog I would take it out and push the plunger into the sink and come right out fine but when trying to inject it, it just will not work. any suggestion please!

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    that should flow right thru.. You might want to try a different location for injection and see how it goes.. it has to come out..

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    i had the same problem, i was using a 21 guage and stickin my azz with it. What i did was pull the needle out just a little and it worked like a charm.

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