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Thread: Test/Tren/EQ

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    I am trying to piece together the plans for my next cycle and would like to get some opinions. Here's what I'm thinking so far.

    weeks 01-15: EQ, 400mg/week
    weeks 01-16: tren enan, 400mg/week
    weeks 01-16: test enan, 500mg/week
    weeks 01-18: Arimidex , .25mg/day [if needed]
    weeks 08-17: HCG , 500iu/week
    weeks 19-22: Clomid, 300mg the first day then 100mg/day thereafter
    weeks 19-22: Nolvadex , 20mg/day

    This is a complete rought draft, so feel free to tear it apart and tell me what's wrong with it. A few questions too:

    Should I run the test and tren for the same length? I've heard that some people like to run test past their tren.

    Is 16 weeks too long? The reason I chose 16 is because I've heard that's when EQ really shines, but that brings me to my next question.

    Is there a point to adding EQ to a test/tren stack? I mean, EQ is pretty mild compared to test and tren... would one be able to appreciate any difference between having it and not having it?

    By the way I'm 22 years old, 5'9 and 210 pounds at 12%. I've been training for a while and this would be my third cycle. My first was test/EQ and my second was test/tren.

    All opinions are appreciated, thanks.

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    first of all i think its alot of gear for some one youre age and for a third cycle.

    but as far as the cycle itself it looks pretty decent,i kinda like these cycles and i think its a killer combo test/eq/tren .

    some will find that you will run the tren too long and i would run it one week shorter or the test a week longer.

    remember to take b6 at 200mg for the entire cycle.


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    Looks to me like you might be running the tren for to long. Try cutting that back a couple weeks and then id say it looks all gravy

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    Okay would it be better to run the tren at the beginning of the cycle or at the end?

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    For anyone that cares, I decided to cut back to 10 weeks of test/tren again. My appetite is scary enough naturally and I'm thinking I should stick to two compounds per cycle for the time being. My cycle then will be:

    weeks 01-10: tren enan, 400mg/week [monday am/thursday pm]
    weeks 01-10: test enan, 500mg/week [monday am/thursday pm]
    weeks 01-12: Arimidex , .25mg/day [if needed]
    weeks 07-11: HCG , 300iu/eod
    weeks 13-16: Clomid, 300mg the first day then 100mg/day thereafter
    weeks 13-16: Nolvadex , 20mg/day

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