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    d-ball, deca, enenthate,tren, winny cycle

    I'm 6'3 220 at 5% bf.. i haven't taken a cycle for about 4 months now and i want to do a big cycle..
    1-18 Nolvadex 20mg/day
    1-6 D-Ball 40mg/day 6Day/week
    1-15 Deca 500mg/week
    1-16 Enenthate 750mg/week
    7-16 Tren 75mg/day
    13-18 Winny 75mg/day
    Any comments are appreciated.. i'm trying to put on some massive size while still staying pretty shredded.. tell me what you think about the doses and length etc.. thanx for all the help..

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    I personally would drop the deca and up the tren dosage, i dont like the idea of all the prog. inducing steroids .

    BTW, its dbol and enanthate , for future reference in case people search.

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    i'm on the same exact cycle, except no Tren , and d-bol for 4 weeks only, i'm on the 3rd week now, got 14-16 lbs yet the gains are much slower now

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